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riteSCAN 8 Task Management

riteSCAN Task Management Introduction

The riteSCAN Task Management module allows Managers to assign simple Tasks to riteSCAN Users to see and interact with in the riteSCAN Tasks module. Currently, Warehouse and Bin Transfers are the only riteSCAN actions that Users can perform and change the Status of the Tasks as will be seen later in this guide.

Task Management can be found under "Tasks" on the left hand navigation menu in riteSCAN 8.

Task Management Walkthrough

1) Click or Tap on Add Task to begin the creation process.

2) Enter the Name and Description for the Task.

3) Set the Status if it will be anything other than New.

4) Select the riteSCAN Module that the User will need to complete the Task in, if it is left as None the Task will still be created and assigned but the User will not actually be allowed to select the Proceed button to start the Task in the Tasks Module.

5) Set the Task Priority.

6) Set the User(s) the Task should be assigned to, if left blank all Users will see it as available and can pick it up and assign it to themselves.

7) The Task can also be assigned to Groups of Users and all Users in that Group will have that Task assigned to them. Groups can be defined in riteSCAN Setup > Groups.

8) Select the Extra Data tab that appeared at the top of the Create Task dialog when the Task Module setting was set.

9) Enter the Task specific data to indicate which Warehouses, Bins, Quantity, Etc. the User(s) need to action for the Task to be Completed. This data will be auto-populated on the Task unless the Requires Validation checkbox is checked for a field, then the User will be required to scan or type in that data.

10) Click or Tap the Save button to save the Task, it will now appear in the list of New Tasks and will be available to the User(s) in the Tasks module.


The KPI Date Filter controls the date window for the number of each Status of Tasks shown above.

Click or tap on the filter icon to open the Task Filters dialog.

The Task Filters dialog can be used to filter the list shown on the Tasks tab in the Task Management module, after entering values in the fields click or tap the Close button to apply the filters to the Task list.

  • Filter out unassigned Tasks - will remove any Tasks that have not been assigned to Users or Groups.
  • Statuses - Click or tap in this field to see the list of available statuses, one or more can be selected to include Tasks of those statuses in the list. Above the list there will also be an indicator of the currently selected filters, Statuses: New, In Progress  for example.
  • Modules - Filters the list down to only show Tasks that are for the selected Modules.
  • Group Assignments - Will only show Tasks that are assigned to the selected Groups.
  • Created Date - Will only show Tasks that were created in Task Management on the date selected.
  • Completed Date - Will only show Tasks that were completed by Users on the date selected.
  • Due Date - Will only show Tasks that have a due date that matches the date selected.

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