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riteSCAN 8 Backflush Guide

riteSCAN 8 Backflush Guide Introduction 

The Backflush function performs the standard SYSPRO inventory movement of Backflushing. This transaction will bring a finished item into inventory and Issue the appropriate material components according to the Bill of Materials defined in SYSPRO. 

1) Begin by opening the Inventory menu within riteSCAN 8 and selecting Backflush from the list.

2) Scan or enter the Warehouse and Bin if you are using multiple Bins into which the finished items will be received. 

3) Scan or enter the Stock Code of the finished item.

4) Enter the quantity to be received into inventory. 

5) The Note and Reference field are standard SYSPRO fields which can have default values applied to them or Users can enter values into them before Posting.

6) Tap or Click the Post button to complete the transaction and when the Post Successful message appears the finished items have been received into inventory and the appropriate materials have been issued.

Backflush Settings

You can also choose whether the Backflush function will issue all of the component materials or just those from the first level. 

Select the options/settings menu  on the top of the Backflush screen to exercise these options. From here select the Backflush level to select the appropriate option. Administrators can set a default choice for this option on the Setup > Roles page in riteSCAN.

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