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riteSCAN 8 Kiosk Module

riteSCAN Kiosk Module Introduction

The riteSCAN Kiosk Module provides a way for users to enter their SYSPRO WIP Employee ID to quickly login to the riteSCAN Labor Track module and perform Labor Posts to an Operation on a Job, then logout so the next user can quickly do the same. 

The Kiosk Module is located under the Work In Progress section of the riteSCAN 8 Navigation Menu,

Upon entering the module there will be an Employee Badge field that will allow logins using a SYSPRO WIP Employee ID.

There are 2 ways to records time against the Operation/Job.

1) The time can be entered using Start New to begin the timer against a Operation and then Stop when finished the time will be applied to the Job in SYSPRO when the user Stops the timer, as shown here.

2) The time can be entered using Add Hours to enter an amount of time after the work has been done, the only difference being the entry of the amount of time has to be entered and then is applied to the Job in SYSPRO when the Post button is tapped or clicked.

More details on data entry for the fields shown above can be found in the Labor Track Module Guide.

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