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riteSCAN 8 Printing Module Guide

riteSCAN 8 Printing Module Introduction

The riteSCAN Printing Module serves three purposes.

  1. Show previously printed items on the History tab and reprint them if needed.
  2. Provide the ability to produce individual Stock Item labels using the Ad Hoc Printing tab.
  3. Show previously printed Order Picking/Packing Documents and reprint them if needed on the Document Print History tab.

Tap or Click Printing on the left hand side of the screen to get to the Printing Module.

  • The Printing Module will remember the tab that was being used last, so the next time the Module is accessed it will go straight to that tab. That data is stored in the Browser cache on the PC or Handheld so it will not transfer to other devices.

1. History Tab

This tab shows a history of print jobs previously done and provides the ability to reprint them should the need arise.

  • The columns on the page can be sorted by clicking on the headers.
  • Filters can be set on columns by clicking on the three dots, going to filters.
  • Click the Print button and the Print Dialog will open with the data previously sent so it can be resent.

2. Ad Hoc Printing tab

This tab allows for Stock Item labels to be printed without having to perform a transaction in riteSCAN which would effect inventory levels. This is particularly useful when initially barcoding a Warehouse or Bin and also if a product's previous label is missing or damaged.

  • An Ad Hoc type Label and an Output Location will need to be setup in Setup > Printing to define the data on the Print Dialog, see the riteSCAN 8 Printing Guide for more information. 

3. Document Print History

This tab shows the history of any Pick Lists that have previously been printed from Order Picking or Pack Lists printed from Order Packing. If no documents have previously been printed the list will be empty.

  • Clicking the Print button will open the Print dialog so it can reprinted or saved as a PDF.

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