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riteSCAN 8 Job Issue Guide

riteSCAN Job Issue Introduction

The Job Issue function in riteSCAN 8 will issue materials to a Job, similar to SYSPROS Specific Issue. This function will issue materials against a single allocation line for each Post done through riteSCAN.

1. Begin by opening the Work In Progress menu in riteSCAN 8 selecting the Job Issue Icon in the list.

2. Scan or enter in the search bar the SYSPRO Job number for which you want to perform a material issue.

3. Once you have scanned or entered a valid job number, riteSCAN will take you to a new screen where you will see the Job Number on the top left of the screen, as well as an "Information" icon .  Below that you will see a list of all material allocated lines for the selected Job.

4. Select the icon to display a brief summary of the job. You can close this screen by selecting the "x" in the top right corner.

5. You can scan or enter a Stock Code or select a line from the Allocated Materials list and all of the Material Allocation details will populate on screen.

6. Enter the quantity of items to be issued. if you are using Multiple Bins scan or enter the Bin from which the items will be issued. If the item you are issuing is Lot Traceable or Serialized you can enter the Lot or Serial number here. 

7. The Note and Reference field are standard SYSPRO fields which can have default values applied to them or Users can enter values into them before Posting. 

8. Tap or Click the Post button to complete the transaction and when the Post Successful message appears the materials have been issued.

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