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riteSCAN 8 Job Overview

Job Overview Module Introduction

The Job Overview function allows a Supervisor to assign a Job to one or multiple Users so they can retrieve that Job in the Job Issue Module. It also allows you to review assigned Jobs, and see detailed information regarding the Job. 

The Job Overview Module can be accessed by navigating the riteSCAN 8 menu, selecting Work In Progress, and then selecting Job Overview. 


To assign a Job in Job Overview

1) Start by selecting the  symbol near the top right corner.

2) Follow

 the prompts on screen, scan or enter the Job to be assigned.

3) Enter the applicable Job Status.

4) Enter the date the Job Issue should be completed by in the Expected Pick Date.

5) Select the User you wish to assign the Job to or leave it blank to Assign the Job to all Job Issue Users.

6) Select Save, and notice the newly assigned Job is now listed under the Assigned Jobs tab.

2) To begin reviewing a previously Assigned Job, select the applicable Job from the Assigned Jobs list and proceed to the next screen. Here you will the Job Info tab first. The Jobs List tab next to Assigned Jobs will bring up a list of all the Jobs in Syspro, from which you can also assign a User to a new Job. Also note that you can Edit or Delete a Job from this screen as well.

3) Here you will the Job Info tab first. This tab displays basic information pertaining to the selected Job.

4) The next tab available to view is the Mat. Alloc. tab, which will display the Materials Allocated to the selected Job.

5) The Mat. Trans. tab will provide a detailed list of Material Transactions pertaining to the selected Job.

6) The Oper. Alloc. tab displays a list of Labor assigned to the selected Job.

7) The Oper. Trans. tab will display a list of Labor Transactions associated with the selected Job.

8) The WIP Booked Tab can be used to view in-depth details associated with the selected Jobs and Journal numbers in


Notable System Configurations


Within the Setup > Roles > Modules > Job Overview you have the choice to toggle on or off the Use Assignments in Job Issue. This feature allows you to change whether an end User is able to view all Jobs in the Job Issue Module or just the Jobs they are Assigned or are Assigned but do not have a User Specified.

Additional Help and Support

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