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riteSCAN 8 Order Manager Guide

riteSCAN 8 Order Manager Introduction

riteSCAN Order Manager is a tool for managing the Order Picking process of goods from your warehouse or distribution center. It allows you to create batches of Sales Orders, then assign, monitor and view the status of Sales Order Picking activities. The Batches that are created are then available in the Order Picking module to be Picked against.

Order Manager can be found under Pick & Receive in the riteSCAN Navigation menu. This module will only be available if the User's Role is configured to "Advanced Batching" in Setup > Roles > Order Manager.  See Order Manager Settings Guide for more information.

Creating a Pick List Batch Walkthrough

To create a custom built Pick List that Users can find in Order Picking and use to direct them about which items to Pick from the Warehouse:

  1. Go to the Orders Tab.
  2. Select the Sales Order(s) you wish to assign.
  3. Click the Create Pick List button.
  4. Uncheck any Lines on the Sales Order(s) you do not wish to assign.
  5. Select the Users, Priority and Expected Pick Date.
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. The Pick List will now show in Order Picking and only be available to the Users assigned to it.

The Pick List Tab is used to view and manage the Pick Lists already created.

  • Click the Edit button on a line to Edit the already created Pick List.
  • Click the Trash Can button on a line to delete the Pick List.

The Search field at the top can be used to find a particular Pick List or Sales Order by scanning or typing it in and hitting Enter or the magnifying glass icon. It will search on the selected tab only (Pick List or Orders) and will clear when you navigate to the other tab.

Clicking the three vertical dots on any column header allow the grid to be sorted by that column, add or remove columns from the grid or add a filter on the data in that column.

The Refresh button allows the data in the grid to be refreshed with new Sales Orders from SYSPRO without having to refresh the entire web page.


Additional Help and Support

If you need additional assistance, we are here to help. Visit our support portal or contact our support team.


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