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riteSCAN 8 Order Overview Guide

riteSCAN 8 Order Overview Introduction

riteSCAN Order Overview allows a user to track and manage the movement of goods via Sales Orders. The Order Overview module works with the Order Picking module, and both work with SYSPRO’s Sales Orders. They work similarly to the Dispatch Overview and Dispatch Picking modules in riteSCAN. This guide will cover the use of the Order Overview module.


Order Overview Walkthrough

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As you enter the Order Overview module, you’ll see this screen. Any Orders you’ve started picking in Order Picking will be visible here. If you haven’t started picking against a Sales Order, it will not show in this list. If you haven't picked against any Sales Orders this list will be blank. 

If you wish to create a Batch for a Sales Order without having to query it in the Order Picking module, click the blue + button and scan or enter the Sales Order number in the dialog. This will add a Batch for that Sales Order to the list above.



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Click the Edit button to modify the Status of the Batch for a Sales Order. Click the Trash icon to delete the Batch for the Sales Order.


Click the Sales Order number or scan the Order number into the Search field at the top to proceed to the next screen.


If the line has records available, they’ll be visible on this screen. You can choose between Picking records (above) and Packing records.



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On the right side of the screen you can view the Order’s History, the information for the Sales Order, and the Sales Order Lines.

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