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riteSCAN 8 Dispatch Picking Guide

riteSCAN 8 Dispatch Picking Introduction

The Dispatch Picking module works directly with SYSPRO’s Dispatch Notes. Dispatch Picking improves the front office’s ability to validate what’s being picked and allows users to pick for a single order or in batches for multiple orders. The Dispatch Picking Module works similarly to the Order Picking module in riteSCAN. This guide will cover the use of the Dispatch Picking module. 

Dispatch Picking Walkthrough

As you enter the Dispatch Picking module, you’ll see this screen. Enter or scan the Dispatch Note number, or select a Dispatch Note from the screen.


From here you can enter or scan the Stock Code or select a Stock Code from the screen.


You can also view previously Picked items on the Picks tab.


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After selecting the Stock Code, you will see this screen. Enter the Quantity and click Pick.

Continue to pick or click Complete when finished.

Important Settings & Options

The Dispatch Picking module supports several different modes which will affect how the module looks and behaves. As follow is a brief description of settings which will affect the module.



The Quantity Default setting sets the default Quantity while processing PO receipts. You can set it to zero, one, or to the current outstanding quantity.


In permissions you can allow editing of the, Unit of Measure, require scanning the Stock Code, Allow editing Picks, and allow over Picking.


Additional Help and Support

If you need additional assistance, we are here to help. Visit our support portal or contact our support team.


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