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riteSCAN 8 Dispatch Manager Guide

riteSCAN 8 Dispatch Manager Introduction

riteSCAN Dispatch Manager is a tool for managing the Dispatch process of goods from your warehouse or distribution center. It allows you to create batches of Dispatch Notes, then assign, monitor and report on Dispatch Note activities. The Batches that are created are then available in the Dispatch Picking module to be Picked against.

Dispatch Manager can be found under Pick & Receive in the riteSCAN Navigation menu. This module will only be available if the User's Role is configured to "Advanced Batching" in Setup > Roles > Dispatch Manager. See the Dispatch Manager Settings Guide for more information.

To access Dispatch notes in "Dispatch Manager" select Dispatch Manager > Dispatch Notes. 

See Screenshot Below:

If you see a Dispatch Note with a Line underneath it. This means that the Dispatch Note has already been associated with a Batch. You can select Dispatch Note and it will show you which Batch It is associated with. 

See Screenshot below:

This is also where you can create Batches. 

To create Batches:

1) Select the Dispatch Note(s) you would like on the Batch.

2) Check boxes under the left most column.

3) Tap or Click the "Create Batch" button.

4) From there you can Select Users you want assigned to Pick the Batch, they will be the only Users that can see that Batch in the Dispatch Picking Module. 

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