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riteSCAN 8 Bin Query

riteSCAN Bin Query Introduction

The riteSCAN Bin Query Module provides the ability to enter a Warehouse and Bin that exist within SYSPRO and riteSCAN will show all of the Stock Codes that have ever in that Bin Location.

  • Any Stock Code with a quantity greater than zero means that SYSPRO expects that Stock Code to physically exist in that Bin.

  • Items with no Quantity On Hand means that the item has been in this Bin in the past but SYSPRO no longer expects there to be any in the Bin. These can be filtered out by setting a filter on the Quantity On Hand column.

Example walkthrough:

After the list of Stock Codes is loaded, the Stock Code can be tapped or clicked to load up a dialog with details about that Stock Code. 

  • This will show Quantities for that Stock Code in all Warehouses and Bins in SYSPRO and the Stock Code properties.
  • Pallets that the Stock Code is on will also show if Pallet Tracking has been purchased with riteSCAN.

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