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riteSCAN 8 Tasks Module

Task Module Introduction

1)The Task Module can be accessed by opening the side Menu in riteSCAN 8 and then selecting the Task dropdown Menu and then selecting the Task Module. The Task Module allows a user to view Assigned and Unassigned Tasks, and then proceed with the Task requirements in riteSCAN 8.

2) Once you are in the Task Module you will see a list of Assigned Task for the User logged in.

3) You can also view any Unassigned Task by selecting Unassigned within the Task Module.
To begin a task, select the Task you wish to start from the list of Task either in Assigned or Unassigned. Please note, you will be prompted to assign a Task to your self if it is unassigned prior to starting it.

Flagging an Issue

1) If a User cannot work/complete a task, or has an issue. They can use the Flag an Issue option when starting a task. They will be prompted to provide an Issue Reason after selecting the applicable Task. Once the Issue is submitted/saved it is viewable by an Administrator in Task Management, within the Task with Issues option on the Dashboard.

Starting a Task

1) To start a Task, select the applicable task you want to proceed with. Then complete the applicable fields within the Task, then select Post to complete the Task. The completed Task will no longer be viewable under the Assigned Task list. The Note and Reference fields are optional to have filled in or not.

Working a Task that Requires Validation

1) When a Task is created in Task Management, the user has the option to require validation of "Extra Data" within the Task (Please see the riteSCAN 8 Task Management article for more information). This forces the User working the task to validate specified areas prior to posting/completing the Task. Once again, when the Task is Completed/Posted the Task is no longer viewable under Assigned Tasks.

Additional Help and Support

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