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riteSCAN 8 WIP Inspection Guide

riteSCAN WIP Inspection Introduction

The WIP Inspection module enables you to inspect made-in stock items before accepting them into stock. The items are received from the job, into inspection and can then either be returned for rework, or scrapped, or accepted into stock. 

The WIP Inspection Module can be accessed by navigating the riteSCAN 8 menu, selecting Work In Progress, and then selecting WIP Inspection.


1) Start on the Inspect tab by entering, scanning or selecting the WIP Inspection Reference number into the Reference search field. Then enter the quantity to be Inspected, enter the inspection Document and select Post to proceed.

2) Next, select the Scrap tab and enter in the Quantity to be to be Scrapped if applicable. The Scrap Code, Document, and Narration are Syspro fields that can filled in if applicable. Select Post to proceed.

3) Next, select the Rework tab and enter the Quantity to be Reworked if applicable. The Job Method field can be changed from Issue Back to Job or Create New Job to determine how the Reworked items will be processed. Select Post to proceed.

4) Once you have completed Scrap and Rework it is time to select Accept. Please confirm the Quantity to be Accepted based on the number Inspected minus the Scrap and Rework. The Document and Narration are Syspro fields that can filled in if applicable. Select Post when you are finished to completed the WIP Inspection.

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