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riteSCAN 8 Stock Take Guide

riteSCAN Stock Take Introduction

The Stock Take module works directly with SYSPRO’s Stock Take System. This module allows users to scan the barcode of an item and then enter the quantity counted of that item into riteSCAN. On Post that quantity will then be sent to SYSPRO to be used with the SYSPRO Stock Take Variance Report and Confirmation. This guide will cover the use of the Stock Take module.


Stock Take Walkthrough 

Upon entering the Stock Take Module you will see the screen above.

First enter the Warehouse that the Stock Take is being performed in, if that Warehouse has Multiple Bins enabled a Bin field will appear and is required.

Secondly, Scan or enter the Stock Code that is being counted.

Next, enter the Quantity of that item in the current location.

The Reference field is optional but helpful for sending additional data to SYSPRO such as the Operator that performed the count.

The option to change between Increasing or Replacing the previous counts for the Stock Code is only available if allowed in the Roles settings for Stock Take.

Lastly, tap or click Post to send the count data to SYSPRO.

Example of the form filled out and ready for Post.

Stock Take Options in module

In the Stock Take module, select this button to enter Stock Take Options.

Show Print Dialog - When checked, the Operators will be shown a Print Dialog after Post to send data out to a text file for use in printing. If unchecked, the last used settings will default and data will be sent out to a text file behind the scenes.

Mode - Displays the current transaction mode, either Single or Batch. Will only be allowed to be changed if Both is selected in the Role Settings below.

Label Type - Changes if the Operators are scanning or entering Stock Codes or Pallet numbers in the module, Pallets are only available if licensed for Pallet Tracking.

Smart Scan Enabled - If checked Operators can scan one barcode that contains multiple pieces of data, riteSCAN will automatically parse that data and put it in the fields specified in the Smart Scan format. Smart Scan Formats are configured in Setup > Smart Scan and then must be setup on the Module in Role settings.

Role Settings and Defaults for Stock Take 

Located in Setup > Roles > Edit a Role > Modules > Stock Take

Deny Access to Stock Take - Removes the ability of Operators in this Role to access the Stock Take Module

Transaction Mode - Changes the processing mode for this Role so the Operators can run transactions in Single mode (One item per Post), Batch mode (Multiple items per Post) or Both (Allows Operator to change it in the module).

Stock Take Mode - Specifies how the Operators will identify the items on the Stock Take. Stock Code Only, Stock Code with Ticket, Stock Code with Valid Ticket or Ticket Only.

Stock Take Method - Controls the Default setting of the Increase of Replace setting in the module.

Source Warehouse, Bin and ECC Default - Specify what the Default values in these fields will be upon entering the module.

Display Current Expiry Date - Controls if the Current Expiry Date will be shown to the Operators when counting Lot Traceable Stock Codes.

Allow Edit Capture Method - Controls whether the Operators are able to change the Increase or Replace setting while in the module.

Creating New Bin for Warehouse - Specifies what will happen if a Post is attempted to a Warehouse for a Bin that does not exist in the Warehouse. Options are Allow, Warn or Disallow.

Creating New Bin for Stock Code - Specifies what will happen if a Post is attempted for a Stock Code to a Bin that does not exist in the Warehouse. Options are Allow, Warn or Disallow. 

Allow Lot Creation - If checked the Operators can Post with a Lot value that does not already exist in SYSPRO, if unchecked the Post is not allowed.

Allow Serial Creation - If checked the Operators can Post with a Serial number that does not already exist in SYSPRO, if unchecked the Post is not allowed. 

Require Lot Expiry Date - If checked the Operators will be required to enter the Expiry Date on Lot Traceable items.

Allow Edit Unit of Measure - If checked the Operators are allowed to Post using UOM's other than the Stocking UOM.

Deny Stock Take Query - If checked Operators are not allowed to lookup the expected Quantities for Stock Codes.

Additional Help and Support

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