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The e.net Run Time Product ‘RiteSCAN-MobileW’ is not licensed for company

"The e.net Run Time Product ‘RiteSCAN-MobileW’ is not licensed for company..."  

This error is encountered when trying to login to riteSCAN.

1) The first thing to try when encountering this issue is to re-import your SYSPRO License XML file into the SYSPRO Company that you're trying to login to.

2) Verify that company name riteSCAN is Registered with appears in the SYSPRO License XML File.

    A) Go to riteSCAN Admin > System Information and note the SYSPRO Company Name 

    B) Open the SYSPRO XML License file with Notepad++ or another text editor, search for that company name and make sure that there is a section with that Company name and a riteSCANMobileW in the RtProd tag. Like this:


        <RtComp>Demo for riteSOFT, Inc.</RtComp>


   The Company name in the RtComp section must match the SYSPRO Company Name in riteSCAN Admin > System Information exactly.

If the SYSPRO Company Name does not have a match in the SYSPRO License file, create a support ticket with riteSOFT Support and include the SYSPRO License file and a screenshot of the System Information page shown above.

If the SYSPRO License file does not have any tags like <RtProd>RiteSCANMobileW</RtProd> then this SYSPRO License does not allow riteSCAN to connect to it. Email SYSPRO SalesOpsHelp salesOpsHelp@us.syspro.com and request a new license key that is licensed for riteSCAN.

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