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Error - "License validation error - The license file (imported from LICENSE.XML) is invalid."

This error is referring to the SYSPRO license file "License.xml". This error is related to the SYSPRO license itself or how it was configured or loaded into SYSPRO. Usually this error is caused by an invalid setup related to the e.NET Business Objects within SYSPRO.

To confirm that it's not an issue with riteSCAN, try to login to the e.NET Diagnostics Tool on the SYSPRO server. You should be able to find the Diagnostic Tool in the Start menu on the server. If it's not installed, you can install it from the Tools directory of the SYSPRO installation media. After you start the Diagnostic tool, click the Logon button and enter your credentials as shown in the screenshot below.

If you are unable to logon using the Diagnostic tool, this confirms that there is an issue related to the SYSPRO license because the Diagnostic tool uses the same mechanisms to logon as riteSCAN. 

You may need to contact your SYSPRO Var or SYSPRO Support for assistance in properly configuring the SYSPRO license. You may also use the following article to assist you in setting up the Business Objects licensing in SYSPRO: Configure SYSPRO e.NET Functional Area Licenses (SYSPRO 7)

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