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Error - "Socket Closed" on Android device

Generally the cause of this error is a WiFi issue. In some cases this may just be caused by the device not yet reconnecting to WiFi after waking from sleep mode and simply waiting a minute and retrying the transaction will resolve the issue.

Try each of the following solutions in order, retesting after each step.

  1. Look at the WiFi symbol at the top of you Android device. Look for an exclamation mark, lock icon, "\" or "x" indicator. Troubleshoot and fix any WiFi issues.
  2. Restart riteSCAN by clicking the square icon at the bottom of the screen. Then click the X on the riteSCAN window to force the application to close.
  3. Restart the Android device according to the manufacturers instructions.
  4. Disable riteSCAN Diagnostics and Analytics. Enable/Disable sharing of Analytics or Diagnostic data with riteSOFT
  5. Upgrade riteSCAN to the latest version. riteSCAN Downloads

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