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Error - "An error occurred while sending the request"

This error is generally the result of your riteSCAN Server being unable to connect to the riteSOFT Licensing Server.

To test this, open a browser on the riteSCAN Server and try to navigate to https://ritelicense.com/

If you are NOT able to load this web page, this means that your firewall is blocking the connection and riteSCAN is unable to validate your license. You will need to fix this issue with your firewall.

NOTE - If you are not able to allow this site through the firewall you will need to perform an Offline Activation, this will then need to be done every year to update your License expiration date. Register riteSCAN version 6.52 and higher

If you are able to load the ritelicense web page, the firewall is not causing the problem. Beginning in riteSCAN version you can view the licensing log file for more information: View log files from riteSCAN Licensing issues (riteLICENSE)

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