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riteSCAN - Windows Mobile display issues/Icons too large

This is most common on Windows Mobile 6.5 devices with lower screen resolutions. According to the riteSCAN Installation Guide they should have the 6.5 version of riteSCAN installed on them, however in these cases the solution has been to install the Windows Mobile 5 version of riteSCAN on them.

Here is an example of what the icons look like in these cases:

Solution: Install the Windows Mobile 5 version of riteSCAN on the handheld and the display will return to normal.

Correct version of .Net Compact Framework

Most often in these cases the version of the Microsoft .Net Compact Framework installed on the device has been 3.5 which is correct for Windows Mobile 6.5 but generally is not correct for the Windows Mobile 5 version of riteSCAN. In these cases the Windows Mobile 5 version should work and it is recommended to leave the version that is already installed on the handheld as is.

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