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riteSCAN Android app crashes or freezes ("isn't responding") when viewing History, Printing a Label or Posting (Export Data)

On some devices, the History or Print History data file can become too large, causing riteSCAN to "crash" or stop responding during an attempt to Post a transaction, view the History or Print a label.

To resolve this issue:

On Versions and above:

1) Go to Login Screen and click on the 3 dots:

2) Go to Settings

3) Click on Clear History and Clear Print History

On Versions and below:


1) If you're running a version prior to, skip to step 5 below, otherwise, navigate to the About riteSCAN page on the Utilities menu.

2) Swipe up to get to the bottom of the page and tap the Export Data button.

3) This will create 2 XML files in one of the following locations (depending on the Operating System of the device): 

  1. Downloads directory
  2. Documents directory
  3. Root of the folder structure on the device

4) Create a support ticket and include those 2 XML files so further research can be done on the root cause of the issue.

5) You can clear the data on the device to attempt to resolve the issue. However, if you do this before following the procedure above, there will be no way to troubleshoot the issue and it will likely occur again in the future. If you don't have the option to Export Data as outlined above, we recommend you upgrade to the latest release. On the device, click Settings, Storage, Internal Shared Storage, Apps, riteSCAN, Clear Data. Please note that some Android Operating System versions may differ. If these steps do not match your device, please research online how to Clear Data for your device.

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