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Error: "riteSCAN License Syspro Company not found"

This error occurs when: 

1) riteSCAN 6 is licensed for a Company Name that is not found in the SYSPRO license.


2) The riteSCANMobileW Run Time Product does not appear in SYSPRO for the Company being logged into.

1) In the following example, riteSCAN is licensed for company "Acme Supply Co" as shown in the riteSCAN Administration application, System Information tab:

However, "Acme Supply Co" is not a valid company in the SYSPRO XML License file as shown below.

2) Another issue that can cause this error is that the SYSPRO License that was Imported for the Company did not have the RiteSCANMobileW e.net Run Time Product on it or there was an issue when Importing it. 

This can be verified by going to "Change Company" in SYSPRO, click the Registration tab, click Licensed e.net Run Time Products button and check if RiteSCANMobileW is in the list.

To resolve this error:

1) riteSOFT Support can update the riteSCAN license to one of the valid Company Names from your SYSPRO license file. Please provide Support with the company name to use. The company name is case and punctuation sensitive, so if possible, it is best to copy the exact text from the XML License file and paste it into your email to Support.

2) Re-Import the SYSPRO License into the SYSPRO Company that is being logged into and check the Licensed e.net Run Time Products again to see if RiteSCANMobileW is now shown in the list.

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