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Error - "There is an error in XML document..." (riteSCAN)

1) If the following files exist on the riteSCAN Server, rename or delete them.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\riteSOFT\riteSCAN Web Service\App_Data\SystemManager.xml


2) Restart the UltiDev Web Service (or IIS service if using IIS). 

3) SYSPRO Unknown Processes can also cause this error. To end all unknown processes in SYSPRO:

  1. Click Administration tab
  2. Click Logout Users
  3. Change the Process type to "Unknown"
  4. Click the button "End All Unknown Processes"

4) Rename the file below and then restart UltiDev, a new version of the file will be created but will be set with default values. The SYSPRO Connection settings will need to be reconfigured in riteSCAN Admin > System Setup.

C:\Program Files (x86)\riteSOFT\riteSCAN Web Service\App_Data\WebServiceSettings.xml 

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