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Error - “Operation timed out” during login

This error can occur when a user tries to login to riteSCAN. It can be caused by a number of issues, some of which are listed here:


  1. Try disabling Analytics and Diagnostic Information: https://support.ritesoft.com/a/solutions/articles/16000115697 
  2. The Firewall or Antivirus is blocking communication between riteSCAN and the SYSPRO Business Objects.
    • Temporarily disable the Firewall and or Antivirus
  3. There are issues with the Intranet connection
    • You can rule this out if the handheld/terminal can connect to an internet browser or some other application that uses the web
  4. The UltiDev web hosting application is overloaded
    • Stop and restart the “UtilDev Web Server Pro” (or for older versions of riteSCAN, the “UtilDev Cassini Web Server”) service
  5. SYSPRO is performing an intensive task that is taking up resources
    • There have been cases where SYSPRO has released some Ports that solved issues where entire tables would be locked up and memory leaks were occurring, both of which could lead to riteSCAN not being able to log in
  6. SQL Server is performing an intensive task that is causing performance issues
    • Check for inefficiently written triggers that could be locking SQL tables.
  7. The server is a virtual machine and is running out of resources
    • Verify the server has sufficient resources available when riteSCAN is experiencing difficulty logging in.

6. Try to eliminate riteSCAN as the cause. On the riteSCAN server, open the riteSCAN web service url in a browser (likely servername:8300/ritescan.asmx) in a web browser, click Check Connection, enter any text into the text box (the text you enter does not matter), click Invoke. This will test if the riteSCAN web service is responsive. If it is, then it’s likely a Wi-Fi, SYSPRO, or SQL issue.

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